In Arizona, new technologies and high-tech advancements occur at the speed of light. At the heart, there are thousands of vast and varied manufacturing companies propelling Arizona's economy into the next era of growth. These companies also prove manufacturing is anything but outdated industrial assembly lines. Arizona's manufacturing is high tech. It's a computer driven powerhouse of the future. Its high wages and its outputs are impacting the world. In Arizona, we're manufacturing a revolution.




Industry leaders such as Intel, Microchip, Freescale Semiconductor, Honeywell, Raytheon, JDA Software, and Frito Lay all manufacture in Arizona. As do smaller companies making a giant impact – HJ3 Composite Technologies, Kahtoola, Pivot Manufacturing, Instant BioScan and hundreds more.


With such innovative, forward-thinking companies in Arizona's ecosystem, it's no surprise our state ranks fourth in the nation for semiconductor employment and second in the nation for space & defense manufacturing employment.


  • Total manufacturing employment exceeded 157,000 in 2014 (BLS, QCEW)
  • One manufacturing job in Arizona supports an additional 1.29 jobs, which means that there are 202,000 additional jobs in Arizona supported by manufacturing
  • As of 2014, Arizona is home to more than 4,600 manufacturers, about 95 of which have fewer than 100 employees. (BLS, QCEW)
  • The average wages for a manufacturing position in 2014 was $69,054 (BLS, QCEW). This is more than 50% higher than the average wage for all positions in Arizona
  • Over 80% of Arizona's $22.6 billion in exports for 2015 were manufactured goods. The largest sectors for manufactured goods were: electrical machinery, aircraft, spacecraft, machinery, and optics.
  • Arizona's total manufacturing output (contribution to State Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP)) in 2014 was $23.12 billion, which accounts for nearly 9% of Arizona's Real GDP (BEA.gov)

Arizona's manufacturing sector's output has continued to see positive gains since its fall during the Great Recession and is near its highest level in recorded history.

Arizona mep

Arizona MEP is a catalyst for strengthening manufacturing in Arizona, accelerating manufacturing's transformation into a more efficient and powerful engine of innovation.