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The Arizona Commerce Authority provides workshops as well all information connecting small businesses to outside training sessions and resources helping you become successful with the SBIR/STTR grant process.

SBIR/STTR AZ Commerce Training


The Arizona Commerce Authority provides workshops as well all information various outside training sessions and resources to help you become successful with the SBIR/STTR grant program. Check out additional training and programming in our SBIR Training section.




SBIR Workshop Upcoming Dates:

  • May 17 & 18 - Tempe, AZ

Are you a high-growth technology firm in need of training and technical assistance? Apply today to participate in the Arizona Commerce Authority’s SBIR Training Program.

The SBIR Training Program is an Arizona Commerce Authority-structured program of training and technical assistance enabling high-growth potential small technology firms to compete more effectively for federal SBIR/STTR Phase I and II awards and ultimately commercialize their innovations in Phase III.

Companies selected for the program will receive 16 hours of assistance:

  • Proposal writing workshop (8 hours)
  • Government accounting workshop (4 hours)
  • Intellectual Property protection workshop (4 hours)

Additional benefits:

  • Free trial membership and opportunities to participate in Arizona Technology Council and Arizona Small Business Association events
  • Introductions to additional ACA business development tools

Download an application. For any additional questions, email Jill HowardAllen.





The SBIR Workshop is highly subsidized by the ACA and U.S. Small Business Administration. Companies selected for the training will be required to pay a reasonable co-pay for the services.

Upcoming Training Dates:


Learn more about the events across the state and country to connect with experts and successful SBIR award winners!

- April 28 & 29, 2016 - Understanding SBIR/STTR Programs: DARPA, NAVY, NSF, NASA

Each year, the Federal government makes millions of agency R&D dollars available through its SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) and STTR (Small Business Technology Transfer) programs. Plugging into this funding, finding partners and responding to program solicitations takes planning, expertise, and multi-organizational teamwork. 

Join us for this state-wide, two-day event – presented by The University of Arizona Tech Launch Arizona in partnership with theArizona Commerce Authority in Tucson, Arizona – to learn from those who have been through the process and hear directly from representatives of agencies DARPA, NAVY, NSF and NASA*. 

Get the help  you need to plan your strategies, build your teams and have success.


- May 23-25, 2016 - National SBIR/STTR Conference

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer programs are highly competitive, encouraging small businesses to engage in Federal Research/Research and Development (R/R&D) work with potential for commercialization. National SBIR/STTR conferences are typically the largest and most important conferences specializing in helping small businesses learn about participating in SBIR/STTR programs. At this Conference, representatives from all 11 federal agencies with SBIR/STTR programs will attend, in addition to other SBIR/STTR experts and trainers. Conference highlights include:

  • Presentations from all SBIR/STTR Agency Program Managers
  • Learn how to successfully submit competitive research proposals
  • Hear from government, industry and academic experts on successful commercialization strategies
  • Interact with SBIR/STTR Agency Program Managers, technology entrepreneurs, large company representatives, and researchers in Roundtable discussions, sessions and 1-on-1 meetings
  • Learn about cutting-edge opportunities in defense, agriculture, energy, and health/medicine
  • Optional pre conference workshops on SBIR/STTR Phase I, Phase II and licensing and commercialization

- Various Dates – SBIR Road Tour - Every SBIR Road Tour stop represents a coveted opportunity to meet directly with Federal and State Program Managers who seed a wide spectrum of innovative ideas, while learning about your state sponsored innovation support infrastructure.


Upcoming Training Dates:

SBIR/STTR Online Training

SBIR/STTR Training

This free online training course is designed to provide an introduction to the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs. In addition, the course addresses the SBIR/STTR solicitation of proposals, the proposal preparation and evaluation process, intellectual property and accounting considerations.

Completing this training will equip you with a better understanding of:

  • What it will take to prepare for and write your SBIR or your STTR Proposal, and
  • What you need to know in order for your company to use the SBIR or STTR programs successfully.


SBIR & STTR Program Overview
Proposal Planning
Intellectual Property Considerations
Financial Management and Accounting Systems

Upcoming Training Dates:

SBIR/STTR Webinars

Planning on submitting an SBIR or STTR proposal? Want additional information from a specific funding agency? Check out the webinars listed below for more info.

Health & Human Services

The HHS Commercialization Readiness Pilot Program (CRP) Informational Webinar


This webinar is designed for anyone interested in learning more about the HHS Commercialization Readiness Pilot Program (CRP), including biomedical entrepreneurs, HHS SBIR/STTR Phase II awardees, research organizations, biotech professionals, small business development centers, and government representatives. 


The HHS Commercialization Readiness Pilot Program (CRP) Informational Webinar took place on December 2, 2015, and discussed the CRP solicitations:  PAR-16-026 (Technical Assistance) and PAR-16-027 (Technical Assistance and Late Stage Development). 


  • Commercialization Readiness Pilot Program (CRP) Authority
  • Basics of CRP
  • HHS Funding Opportunities
  • Pre-Submitted Questions
  • Open Q&A


Upcoming Training Dates:

Incubators, Accelerators and Co-Working Spaces

Business incubation is defined as a program with or without a facility that assists young businesses in the early growth stages by providing them a creative, supportive entrepreneurial environment which may include, but is not limited to, rental space, business and management assistance, shared office services and access to capital. Learn more about these resources available across the state from the AZ Business Incubators Association. (AZBIA)


Need access to resources, meeting rooms and internet access? Check out the Alexandria Co-Working spaces! The program provides:

  • Free collaborative spaces;
  • Access to ASU’s mentor network;
  • Classes from ASU’s Rapid Startup School; and
  • Physical and digital assets from the libraries.

Find the Alexandria Co-Working space for you.....

Lab Resources

Need access to laboratories or reseach, but don't know where to go? Check out these options

LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science
Tempe, AZ

Arizona State University's LeRoy Eyring Center offers advanced capabilities for materials characterization, analysis and high resolution electron microscopy.

Celebration Stem Cell Centre
Gilbert, AZ

Celebration Stem Cell Centre, a FDA registered and AABB accredited adult stem cell facility is providing flow cytometry services for researchers in both academia and the biotech industry. We are currently running samples on an Beckman Coulter FC500.

Yuma Agricultural Center
Yuma, AZ

Tempe, AZ

PADT is a Mechanical Engineering products and services company that assists people in the design and development of physical products. Their lab facilities are focused on providing the test and manufacturing equipment needed to build, assemble, and test mechanical devices and systems. PADT Medical, a group within PADT focuses on the design and development of medical devices.
Solutions to fee-per-use services.

Science Exchange

Nation Wide Locations

Get access to expertise and specialized equipment from the world’s best academic and contract labs.

Federal Laboratory Resources

Nation Wide Locations

Looking for access to world class laboratory facilities or equipment? Search here for information on which agencies provide that opportunity and how to proceed.



Community Partners

Thanks to the support of our partners, we're able to help provide the training and resourceses needed for small businesses to compete more effectively for SBIR/STTR Grants.

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